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Dirako develops software solutions and implements components or complete advanced, digital and reliable systems in the fields of automation, smart algorithms and smart metering.

We are professionals

Dirako is a team of software engineering professionals who have successfully developed a large number of projects together over the years.

Our mission

Our mission is to help our clients grow through the implementation of practical and high-quality software solutions that create new value and competitive advantage.

Our vision

The synergy of experience, knowledge and the latest trends, together with a professional and flexible approach to problemsolving reflects our commitment to lead clients to success.

Two-way cooperation

We combine knowledge and experience with the latest technological trends. We have a two-way, transparent cooperation with clients and we are open to any kind of modification and adaptation of products to the specific needs of clients.

Our goal

Our goal is to facilitate processes for end users through optimally developed and tested automation processes of any system, in which we always strive to apply smart algorithms and many years of practical experience in the development of smart components.

Our work

Dirako's employees have done a lot of projects

in different industries and with different technologies.


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Tags: Smart metering, .Net core 2.1, Angular 8, SQL server

COMET is an advanced AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) software for remote reading, parameterization and management of smart meters, data concentrators and communication modules. AMI functions can be performed automatically, according to a set schedule or at the request of the AMI center. COMET is used in countries such as Switzerland, Slovakia, Serbia and Colombia.

ClouReports is an internal application for one of the leading domestic companies in the field of smart metering, which is used to prepare and print calibration checklists in PDF and Excel format. Colibri is the second internal application of the mentioned company that performs automatic readings and calibrations of smart meters. Over 70,000 smart devices pass through the applications annually.

ClouReports & Colibri

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Tags: Smart metering, .Net core 2.1, Angular 8, SQL server


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Tags: Health, .Net core 3, Angular 9, Google Cloud Speech API, GMail API, 46elks SMS API

DrReport is a web application developed for the needs of doctors when compiling reports. After the patient filled out an interactive survey regarding his symptoms and illness, the doctor would receive a report. After the diagnosis, the doctor has the option to make a report using text-to-speech. Reports are automatically sent to the patient by e-mail, and in case of a riskier diagnosis, an SMS is sent.

HELP! is a desktop application for people suffering from diseases that affect the nervous system. The application connects brain waves, which are read using the Muse headband, and an automated system that can remind the patient of the drugs he should consume, play soothing music or call an ambulance in cases where the read brain waves indicate a potential danger.


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Tags: Health, Java

Barcino Tours

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Tags: Tourism, .Net core 2.1, JavaScript

Internal application of a domestic travel agency for managing offers, reservations and sales of tourist arrangements, as well as monitoring payments and occupancy of hotels and flights. The application was developed according to the GDPR standard.

A software solution that implements machine learning. DTS uses neural networks and a genetic algorithm to find the trajectory from point A to point B.

Drone training simulator


Tags: Machine learning, Entertainment, .Net core 2.1, Unity

Project management system

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Tags: Project management, System management, .Net core 3, Angular 8

Project management system is a software solution for small project management.

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